DIY Herbal Infusion for Glowing Skin

DIY Herbal Infusion for Glowing Skin

 Beautiful, healthy skin isn’t just a result of topical application of skincare products, it starts within. When our inner health is out of balance, it can manifest on the skin through all sorts of break-outs and rashes. A simple, yet powerful way to find that balance is by incorporating teas into our daily routine.


In addition to providing hydration, herbal teas bring so much more to the table: they soothe, regulate, rejuvenate and enhance the overall skin health. When we cover the herbs with boiling hot water, it coaxes skin-healthy nutrients to release into it and makes them readily available for our bodies to benefit from.


All herbs in this blend bring their distinctive properties, and together they form a well balanced tea that also tastes good! Packed with vitamins and minerals, not only this blend is beneficial for the skin, but also supports the body on multiple levels:


  • Horsetail is one of the richest sources of bio-available silica that forms the matrix of many of the body’s tissues
  • Lemon balm is rich in skin protecting flavonoids and rosmarinic acid, and has invigorating and astringent properties
  • Nettle leaf is often referred to as ‘nature’s multi-vitamin’ and has traditionally been used to restore function to many systems in the body
  • Milky oats have long been a remedy for itchy and dry skin, and are a wonderful nervine
  • Red clover is an excellent cleansing tonic for the entire body with a wide range of nutrients
  • Rosehips are chockfull of vitamin C
  • Marshmallow root works to soothe parched tissues and balance out some of the dryer herbs
  • Calendula is an overall skin tonic that calms and eases skin discomfort
  • Mint tastes delicious and aids digestion




1TB horsetail

1TB lemon balm

1TB nettle leaf

1TB milky oats

1TB red clover

1TB rosehips

1TB marshmallow root

2ts mint

1ts calendula

4 cups just boiled water



Place the herbs in a quart jar (briefly insert a metal spoon not to shock the jar with hot water) or French press and cover with just boiled water. Place the lid on top. Steep for 30 minutes and up to 4 hours for a stronger infusion.

Drink warm with a slice of lemon, or cold with ice and more mint leaves.

Keep the left-over infusion in the fridge. Best consumed within 24 hours, but will keep for 2 days refrigerated.



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