Made from organic botanicals, responsibly foraged wildcrafted plants that grow locally in abundance and garden grown herbs, Nurtur Health products nourish your mind, body and soul and are safe for the environment. 

About the Founder:

Hey! I’m Olga and my interest in making my own products was sparked by my love of nature and desire to avoid the harsh chemicals found in commercial body products.

I grew up searching for wild foods with my mom in the fields and forests of Belarus, I just didn’t realize it at the time. Picking stinging nettles in late spring and fragrant linden blossoms in early summer were seasonal rituals.  On long summer days, we would head out on the hunt for berries and wild mushrooms. Foraged and lovingly dried chamomile, raspberry leaf, yarrow and plantain were always on hand to soothe, calm and regulate.

I left home in my early twenties and although I recognized the medicinal value of herbs at an early age, they didn’t become a staple in my own home. Life happened and through it all - moving to two countries, studying, working and raising a family - herbs took a backseat and drew me away from my roots.

When my kids tested for multiple food sensitivities in their early teens and digestive issues came up, we overhauled the diet almost overnight. Changing our diet has gradually led me to examining other pillars of health and skin care was one of them. 

 I believe that what we put on our body is an extension of what we put in. We can support our largest organ from inside out with healthier food choices and from outside in by using nourishing botanicals that are safe and effective.

With a bit more time on my hands during the pandemic, I studied with the Herbal Academy and have been experimenting with making herbal medicine and skin care products. With positive feedback, love and support from my friends and family, I decided I was ready to nurture the needs of my community.  

I'm an ESL teacher by training, and love teaching English to newcomers and international students worldwide. Can you guess what my favourite topic to discuss is?

It makes me so happy to rekindle my childhood admiration and interest for the therapeutic potential of the plant kingdom and I truly hope my products will help decrease your family’s beauty routine unnecessary toxic burden, just as they helped mine!