How to check the purity and safety of skincare products?

How to check the purity and safety of skincare products?

For years I have taken great care to eat whole and if possible organically grown food. I paid attention to what my family and I put inside.


As I continued on my health journey however, I quickly learned that diet wasn’t the only pillar of health and wellness. Our skin is our first line of defence, but also an easy way for toxins to enter the body, pollute and disrupt our entire system. Today I firmly believe that whether it’s a flood or cosmetic, the ingredient list is the only one that matters to make a buying decision.


The databases below are not perfect, but can be a start point to gauge an overview of your products. What’s most important though is to consider not just the single ingredients on their own, but the ingredients of the ingredients. What’s the fragrance exactly made of?


You can use these natural beauty resources to scrutinize your product labels closely:


If you’re truly looking for clean beauty and personal care, it’s your responsibility to dig deeper and ensure this is what you’re getting!


Nurtur Health is committed to purity and transparency of the ingredients that have no grey areas. No ‘this product may contain’ on the label. No hidden ingredients lurking in the products. Learn more about Nurtur Health values here.

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