Is my skin dry or dehydrated?

Is my skin dry or dehydrated?

Dry and dehydrated skin are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Whereas dry skin is a skin type that some people might be genetically predisposed to, any skin type can suffer with dehydrated skin.


While we can’t ‘fix’ dry skin, we can certainly improve its appearance and feel. Applying rich and moisturizing ingredients can compensate the oils our skin doesn’t naturally produce and create a skin cushion, a protective barrier that assists in skin repair. Natural oils and butters will seal the skin, help retain water and protect from flaking and irritation. Applying foaming cleansers and using synthetic lotions and creams can further strip the skin from the much needed sebum protection. And less sebum means skin will struggle to retain moisture and be protected against environmental factors, like wind or pollution.


Skin dehydration can fluctuate with seasons, diet and environment. It happens when the skin has a hard time slowing down the evaporation of water in the top layers. So drinking more water, eating high-water foods and using a humidifier can help. Using humectants (ingredients that bind to water e.g.: honey and hyaluronic acid) in the skincare regime are imperative.


We can also have dry and dehydrated skin at the same time! The best approach is to mix-and-match lipid-rich (fats) and water-rich products to provide deep, penetrating moisture (to address dryness) and hydration (to address dehydration). Incorporating plants with gel-like properties (mucilaginous) internally and topically also helps a bunch.


As lotions combine fats and water components (e.g.: aloe juice, gel and/or hydrosol), they're the best solution to tackle both dry and dehydrated skin.


This luxurious lotion contains infusions of wildcrafted Canadian evergreens and combined with emollient botanical butters and aloe gel to address dry skin. Not only will it hydrate, but also feed much needed nutrients to your skin. A gender-neutral light scent is a bonus! 




This nourishing body lotion with rose and calendula provides intense, long-lasting moisturizing for skin. Made with wildcrafted rose and organic calendula infused oils - some of nature’s best skin allies, it'll sink well into the skin layers and help keep it soft and supple.


How do you deal with dry or dehydrated skin?

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