What’s a Solid Lotion Bar?

What’s a Solid Lotion Bar?

A solid lotion bar is a free-from-water moisturizer that offers the benefits of traditional lotion in a solid, compact form. It helps skin retain water that naturally escapes into the environment and offers a protective layer essential for a healthy skin barrier function.

Unlike traditional liquid lotions, formulated with mostly water and unnecessary fillers such as thickeners, emulsifiers, texture enhancers etc., lotion bars are made with only high performing ingredients that are emollient (skin softening) and occlusive (slowing water loss from the skin). They’re solid at room temperature but melt upon contact with the skin due to body heat.


Concentrated in Active Ingredients

Solid lotion bars typically consist of a blend of nourishing plant oils, butters, and waxes deeply nourish, soften and smoothe skin. Since all of the ingredients are concentrated into a solid form, every application delivers a potent dose of moisturizing ingredients directly to the skin.

The Nurtur Health calendula and comfrey bars are potent plant-based formulations, utilizing handcrafted herbal oil infusions to deeply penetrate the skin's lipid layers. Enriched with raw organic cacao butter, abundant in essential fatty acids, and beeswax, these bars effectively seal in moisture. Ideal for dry, damaged skin, they offer a luxurious experience, leaving the skin visibly soft and supple.



Economical and Long-Lasting

Since lotion bars are very concentrated, a little goes a long way.  This concentration allows for effective moisturization with only a small amount of product, making it cost-effective.


The Zero Waste Alternative

Today’s beauty industry is notoriously dependent on plastics, producing a massive amount of waste, with less than 10 percent getting recycled. A ‘water-free skincare’ product is more potent as it’s undiluted, uses less packaging, fewer emissions and thus makes a positive difference to carbon footprint. Water-free beauty products come in more compact containers, which means less plastic is required to contain them.



Given the restrictions placed on liquid allowances, solid lotion bars are convenient choices when travelling. Placed in a sturdy container, they’re easy to carry in a handbag or luggage without worrying about leaks and spills. Solid bars take up less space and need limited storage as opposed to bulky bottles and jars.


Using a solid lotion bar offers a convenient, mess-free, and efficient way to moisturize and nourish the skin, appealing to those who prioritize natural solutions for their skincare needs. Most importantly, it’s made of pure, simple, wholesome ingredients sourced from the nature that our bodies can recognize, readily absorb and benefit from!

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