Carefully Sourced Ingredients

100% natural, organic and/or responsibly wildcrafted

Sourced from reliable, properly-documented suppliers with technical documents made available (safety data sheet&quality and regulatory info)


Purity and Transparency



Micro-plastic free

Artificial colours and flavours free

Toxin-free (EWG’s Toxic 12 and other Dirty Dozen lists free)

Easy-to-read ingredients leave no grey areas. No ‘this product may contain’ on the label. No hidden ingredients lurking in the products.



Products that do double or triple duty. Keep your skincare effective, yet spend less time and money taking care of it. A little truly goes a long way.



For optimal freshness, all products are made in small quantities, but more frequently. The ingredients stay at their peak and potency. Inventory is taken regularly to reflect the need. This also avoids waste and overproduction.


Glass and Aluminum Packaging

Glass and aluminum containers which can be reused or recycled.

The body scrubs are an exception which are packaged in consumer recyclable plastic due to safety.


Shipped with Recyclable/Biodegradable Material

Cardboard boxes filled with shredded Kraft paper or biogradable peanuts to cushion the products.


Cruelty Free

Not tested on animals.


Canadian Made and Owned

All products are handcrafted in Canada.