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Herbal Seasoning Salt Trio Set

Herbal Seasoning Salt Trio Set

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Boost the nutritional value of your food with each bite while decreasing your daily salt intake.

Made with high quality sea salt and organic herbs, each blend is a pretty, convenient and delicious way to consume health-promoting ingredients for the whole family. Keep it on your table and use often!

Sprinkle on popcorn, eggs, avocado, fresh cucumbers or tomatoes, corn-on-the-cob or any savoury dish.

Makes a great teacher or holiday gift, or the one for a naturally-minded host or hostess.

3 bottles of 2oz each


Green herbal seasoning salt: sea salt, *nettles, *parsley, spirulina *organic

Red herbal seasoning salt: pink Himalayan salt, *paprika, *cayenne pepper, *beet root powder *organic

Liver love herbal seasoning salt: sea salt, organic milk thistle seeds

How to use

Sprinkle liberally on your favourite savoury dishes

Shelf Life

6 months for maximum freshness


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