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Plantain Leaf Herbal Oil

Plantain Leaf Herbal Oil

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Plantain leaf is a humble and generally abundant plant ally known to soothe a range of minor skin complaints. With its cooling effect, you can count on plantain leaf herbal oil when there's itching, chapping, cracking, dry, or irritated skin. It moisturizes, softens and protects skin's moisture barrier.

Although it shares a name with the banana-like fruit, plantain is a perennial herb, often referred to as a ‘weed’.  Formed from the  Latin word planta, meaning "sole of the foot”, plantain leaf grows right outside our doors in fields, gardens, backyards, lawns, parks, on paths and cracks of sidewalks. Mother Nature has gifted us an abundant and effective remedy right at our doorstep!

Plantain leaf contains a compound known as allantoin, a powerful skin soothing agent that also helps promote healthy skin. Allantoin is also found in comfrey, although plantain leaf has less of it. Would rather use a salve? This salve combines comfrey leaf and plantain leaf for the ultimate skin repair.

This plantain leaf infused oil is made by several week dried plantain leaf maceration in organic olive oil. A tiny amount of alcohol is added at the beginning of the process to sanitize and prime the herb for extraction. The ratio of plantain leaf to olive oil is 1:7.

This oil is made by alcohol-intermediary method that I learned from Master Herbalist Kami McBride. This method leads to a very potent, shelf-stable extraction.

This is an excellent oil for your own salve and skincare making creations!

This is not an essential oil but a whole leaf extraction.

For topical use only. Never use on broken skin.

Keep away from light.


*Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, *Plantago major (Plantain) leaf, Ethanol (Alcohol)

How to use

Massage liberally to areas in need. Don't put on broken skin.
For external use only.
Store away from light.

Shelf Life

12 months.


Always do a test patch the first time you use a new product. Do not use on open cuts or wounds. It is always recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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